The selection of the competencies in the Academic Core was designed to insure two equally important outcomes for students.  The first was to insure that students who demonstrate competence in the Academic Core are ready to perform (entry level) post-secondary work in math and language arts without remediation, as well as have the academic foundation for career advancement. 

Of equal importance is the focus used by schools in determining the Social Studies and Science standards to include in the Pathway. This should be conducted in the context of preparing young people to become informed decision makers and responsible citizens.   Being an informed decision maker enables people to make their own decisions, and to take responsibility for their own lives and their communities. A primary objective of the Career and College Pathway is that high school graduates be articulate in their opinions and arguments regarding contemporary Social and Science issues.

The Academic Core is defined for the Career and College Pathway as the State Board of Education’s Minimum Course of Study and Competency Requirements for Graduation from High School. These requirements can be found in the State Board’s Rule R7-2-302. 

Source of Competencies/Standards
The Standards for the Academic Core are the State Board of Education Approved Standards for Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

Assessment of Competencies
The assessment of student mastery of these Standards will be via the State Standardized Tests for Math, Reading and Science and District/School developed assessments for Social Studies.