Enabling Authorities

The Arizona Legislature has provided enabling language for the implementation of competency based graduation programs such as the Arizona Career and College Pathway. The statutes also provide direction to the Arizona State Board of Education for the establishment of the Rules governing establishment of competency  based graduation programs.

STATE STATUTES – 15-795.01. Competency-based college-ready pathways 

In accordance with the rules adopted by the state board of education pursuant to section 15-203, subsection A, paragraph 39, students who are eligible for a high school diploma through the fulfillment of a defined competency-based college-ready educational pathway shall have multiple pathways available to them and may: (see following link)


STATE STATUTE – 15-203.A.39. (These are legislative directions to the State Board of Education)

39. Adopt rules to define competency-based educational pathways for college and career readiness that may be used by schools. The rules shall include the following components:
(a) The establishment of learning outcomes that will be expected for students in a particular subject.
(b) A process and criteria by which assessments may be identified or established to determine if students have reached the desired competencies in a particular subject.
(c) A mechanism to allow pupils in grades seven through twelve who have demonstrated competency in a subject to immediately obtain credit for the mastery of that subject. The rules shall include a list of applicable subjects, including the level of competency required for each subject.