​​Technical Competencies

SOURCE OF COMPETENCIES - Arizona CTE Technical Competencies/Skill Standards are identified and validated by teams of representatives of business and industry from the occupational area. These competencies/standards sets are updated on a regular basis, and provide the basis for both curriculum development and related assessments. 

See the link below for the technical competencies/standards for Arizona, identifying the more than 50 CTE programs offered by schools in Arizona. 



The assessments are developed and continuously reviewed by teams of instructors in the applicable field, and are given in the fall and spring of each school year. Students that attain adequate scores on the spring exams are provided with certificates of attainment.

The Technical Competencies are assessed by state-wide exams at the completion of their technical program of choice. Additionally, for those programs that have a recognized industry assessment and related credential, this would be the preferred means of competency determination. Given that the assessments are secure, they are not available for review.


To be deemed competent in the technical competencies/standards, students have to achieve a minimum score of 60% for the specified Technical program area. In cases where there is an industry certification, that will be the preferred means of demonstrating competence.  Many industry certifications are or can be attained at various levels of competence, with those attained at the High School level being "stackable or portable", with higher levels of certification available through continuing education and training.